My name is Charmaine Miller. I’m a journalism student and I like to give little kids piggy-back rides.

This blog is here mostly because I want to educate myself on the practices and policies of education around the world. I don’t know if anyone but my teacher will read a single post, but even then it will be worth it to me.

I hope to teach abroad someday. Maybe even correspond for a news organization while I’m there. Either way, I want to be aware of the lives children in these countries are living. I want to realize their educational needs, even if that looks like researching and keeping up with news about education while I’m here in the U.S.

Because I love kids. I think I still remember what it is like to be one. And I’d like to learn with them, help them smile, give them opportunities to grow.

The only way to start helping is to realize their needs. That is what I hope to accomplish.



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